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Business Phone

Introducing Toople.com’s Business Phone Service.

As a business that focuses on serving businesses just like yours, we specialise in delivering in Cloud based telephony that is effective, reliable yet easy for you to use and maximise from day one. With advances inCloud technology so advanced, telephony is one of the most secure methods of utilising such technology. We offer a service envied by many, delivered by so few.  Our resilience, useable tech and its ease of use is what we are renowned for, keeping you connected day and night.

Our system utilises VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but that’s where the science ends with us. Put simply, your business couldn’t be in better hands

Flexible pricing plans

At Toople.com, our industry experience of shaping and delivering such phone systems means we know how to offer a value driven service with feature rich software. Two different services; Toople Classic & Toople Premium and four separate option to choose from. Pick n' mix that you like!

For 1-10 users £99 + VAT connection fee
11+ £199 + VAT connection fee

Contractual terms are 36 months. Hardware replaced, free of charge, after this period.

Why Toople.com for your business communications?

*we’ll check your system is compatible

Features of our hosted telephony:

Call management
On a group or individual basis, effectively manage your needs and how you manage incoming and outgoing calls:

Answering rules
Call forwarding
Automatic call recording

Call flip
Call park
Call screening
Shared lines
Call logs
Message alerts
Missed call notifications
Visual voicemail

Reporting and administration
Reporting on usage and adding/removing people from your phone system is all at your fingertips.

Mobility too
You can log into your phone system from wherever you are with our iOS and Android apps. All the features of our innovative phone system whilst you on the move.

If you have a phone system in situ, we’ll work with you to retain this. However, if you are looking for new technology we exclusively partner with Polycom. Their systems are focused on the user so you can maximise the service you are utilising.

  • UK based telecoms experienced focused support
  • Leadership team worked in broadband since its inception
  • Straight forward language no abbreviations, no acronyms, no jargon
  • 100+ telecoms years amongst our leadership team
  • Leadership team worked in broadband since its inception
  • Zero price change for the life of the customer’s contract
  • No price increase after a specific period
  • No Small print waiting to trip up our customers